I lose faith ….

I lose faith in humanity. 

Seriously people have become these fiends who think that bashing and putting down others is the only way for them to be on top. The only person you’re fooling is yourself, if thats the way you think life should be. 

I just want to punch people who are like that. 


No one is perfect. EVERYONE has flaws. I have flaws. My models I shoot with have flaws. 

Yes even you have flaws. 

Critique my work. Tell me my cropping or lighting needs to change. 

But if you bash the model in my image for their physical appearance, I will not tolerate it. You will be blocked/banned/deleted….

Go take your problems elsewhere. Somewhere far, far away.

End of my pissed off rant..

I just want a friend who…

loves to let me take constant pictures of her, is up for any of my wacky photo ideas, and will help me by using her for reference images for my art work that I have so many ideas for….

Come on, good deal right? You get free photos…